Wakesurf behind the boat Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV With Surf Gate system and Power Wedge III plow

Adjustable wave shape and size: Steep or crumbly waves up to 9 meters length and up to 1,5 meters height

Just 2,5 seconds to change the wave You can switch between left-right wave in seconds even during the ride.

Enough space for 12 people on the boat You can turn on your music using our powerful Stereo System


One time tickets by 15/25/60 minutes sets
15 minutes on weekdays to 17:00
1 900 Р
15 minutes on weekdays after 17:00
2 100 Р
25 minutes at the weekend
3 500 Р
60 minutes on weekdays to 17:00
7 000 Р
60 minutes on weekdays after 17:00 and on weekend
8 000 Р
Subscription for addicted surfers
150 minutes on weekdays to 17:00
16 500 Р
150 minutes without limits
18 750 Р
300 minutes on weekdays to 17:00
33 000 Р
300 minutes without limits
37 500 Р
Master Card
Pay when you come. We accept cash and credit cards.

Nice to meet you!

During the first two sets at Wake & Waves our professional coach will work with you for free. He will teach beginners how to take off and ride and give some advice on technique for more experienced wakesurfers.

If it’s your first time in Wake & Waves and you want to have free lessons with a coach, tell about it to our administrator by phone and bring your passport or driving license.

Come for wakesurfing,
stay for great time

We offer free rental of a wetsuit, board, and life vest for wakesurf session. Our thick wetsuits Billabong or Anker 5/4 and 4/3 mm are perfect for summer in Saint-P. Phase5, Lib Tech and Ronix boards are almost new, in use from 2019.
In the changing room, there are lockers, toilet, hot shower, and sauna. You can bask in the steam room for 15 minutes or even longer before the next group arrives. It's free, but the administrator needs to know in advance that you want to go to the sauna. Just let us know before you surf.
Relax and take a sunbath at the pier or at the rooftop terrace of our houseboat where you will find comfortable bean bags and deck chairs.
Inside our houseboat, we will treat you with delicious tea and cookies and will be happy to chat. Feel free to refill your bottle from the cooler.

This is how our place looks like

Wake & Waves for experienced riders

Control the wave using Surf Band remote

Modern Malibu boats allow the rider to change the size, speed, and direction of the wave while on it. And control the volume of the music too!

Jump from right-handed to left-handed wave and back

Switching the created wave over to the other side by deploying the port side Surf Gate takes only 2,5 seconds and can be done during the ride.

Wake & Waves for beginners

Professional coach and high-quality equipment

Our coach will teach you the difference among boards, and help to choose which one is better to start with. We have models for any height and weight.

Training with a BBTalkin headset

No more need to shout louder than the engine to ask a question to the coach or to hear his advice. The headset provides clear two-way communication for fast learning.

Our boards

Free board rental. You pay only for a boat.

Lib Tech Yacht Sea


A fast surfy round tail shape that fits perfectly into the pocket for a smooth easy trim. Yachtsea is fast, agile and catch free. Lib Tech’s smooth riding rugged construction gives you pure surf feel without the constant ding worry!.

Phase5 Luv


Next level performance for the ladies. The full tail gives you back foot control without compromising speed. Unique holographic glitter carbon on the top places the Luv in a league of its own.

Lib Tech Air’n


A wide poppy tail block, speedy flat rocker and mellow concave combined with dynamic “up rail” entry to hard edge exit rail design make the Air’N catch-free, precise and perfect for progression.

Phase5 Fang


Fun and playful, the Fang is easy to stay in the wave. The Fish tail, blunt nose design maintains speed and offers perfect blend of control and maneuverability. The large size is a great big guy option.

Phase5 Model X


The iconic Model X is fast and stable board for both beginners and experienced riders who demand the best materials and all-around performance. Available in two sizes for both men and women.


What should I bring?

Bring your board shorts or swimsuit to wear under the wetsuit, that’s it, we provide the rest.

Can I book the boat alone?

Of course. If you don’t have wakesurf pals yet just book the boat by yourself, the price will be the same. And after you finish, hang out in our houseboat, here you will find likeminded people!

How long does it take to learn wakesurfing?

You will learn how to pop-up at the first lesson. It takes 2-3 lessons for more confident surfing, carve, speed up and slow down. How long will it take to learn more difficult tricks and turns depends on what you do more – enjoy the ride or try something new.

How atletic should I be for wakesurfing?

There are no special requirements, but the better your sports skills, the faster you will learn. Strength of the legs and balance are very important. If you want to prepare for wakesurfing, do exercises with balance-board.

What’s the difference between wake and ocean wave?

Same as the wave in the ocean, the wake has a break and a curl, but in contrast, the wake is more powerful closer to the boat instead of the white water. After falling rider finds himself in calm water, not in the “washing machine”. It is safer because there is no danger to hit the bottom. Also, you will not get tired of paddling, the boat comes to pick you up for the next ride.

How does the boat make wave?

Wakesurfing boats are specifically weighted to maximize wake. These weights can be made of heavy lead or fat sacs, water-filled ballast bags, and they're used to tilt the boat to one side. This makes an ocean-like wave, which surfers can ride and use to perform tricks. The weights could be moved from one side to another which allows switching right- and left-handed waves.

What should I wear for wakesurfing?

Water in Saint-Petersburg is pretty cool even in the summertime. For these conditions, we advise wearing wetsuit 4/3 or 5/4 mm thickness depending on the air temperature and your personal sensitiveness. It is better to have your own coz it fits better, but in case of need, we will provide you a wetsuit for free.

Is it possible to hit the boat propeller?

No. Wakesurfing boats have a swim deck, a small platform at the rear of the boat that a spotter stands on to watch the surfer and to pull in the rope after he or she lets go. The swim deck also provides more protection for the surfer; along with the rudder, it's one more barrier between the surfer and the propeller.

How long can I ride a wake?

Because the boat is continually creating waves as it moves, there's a constant curling effect, which allows wakesurfers to carve through a wake for as long as they can. Beginners usually ride for a couple of minutes before their legs feel tensed and they lose balance, but it takes just a few moments to get ready for the next ride. With time the ability improves.

Have a questions? Call us +7 921 939-97-87 and we will tell you everything


Champion in Wake & Waves team

The Russian Wake Championship was held in St. Petersburg yesterday, and we are proud to announce that now our team has the Russian Wake Championship 2019 champion in the amateur category. We heartily congratulate our Anya on the victory. Keep it up!

30 June

Surf spot Wake & Waves is ready to open.

From June 5, we are open for recording from 16:00 in test mode, and on June 15 we will have a grand opening. There’s also going to be a party, so stay tuned

19 June

Opening Wake And Waves Surf Station

You are expected: drinks and a free grill bar, wakesurfing (for those who have signed up in advance), a solemn part, a summary of the live contest, DJ sets from Sasha Slesareva and Alisa Shavrova. Throughout all day, the Wake & Waves team, a friendly atmosphere and a sea of positive emotions will be with you!

16 June